What Is The Best Habits Of Successful People – Part 2

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In part 1 I shared the 1st 5 habits that are critical to develop if you hope to be successful in business. In this post I share the next set of habits that must be developed in order to succeed in business.

Habit 6: Start or Join A Mastermind Group

A mastermind group is group of people who share similar aspirations and goals in life and meet together on a regular basis to share ideas, strategies and best practices in order to achieve desired results.

If there is no organized mastermind group that you can affiliate with, Eben Pagan suggests that you form a group yourself.

He suggests getting together a group of 5 – 10 people most of whom have achieved a higher level of success than you.

In the much acclaimed book, Think and Grow Rich, Napoleon Hill states, “we can create success for ourselves and anyone can do it through the power of the mastermind.”

With the advent of social media and Skype, it has become so much easier to organize a mastermind group.

I’ve found LinkedIn groups and Facebook groups to be powerful sources for finding mastermind groups.

Action Step: Begin your search for a group 5 – 10 like minded people from various fields who are driven to succeed.

Ensure that most of them are smarter, have more experience or more successful than you.

Use social media sites such a Facebook and LinkedIn to find these people in your local area. Agree to meet regularly.

I managed to become part of a mastermind group when I joined wealthy affiliate for free.

Habit 7: Work In Your Flow

Working in your flow suggests spending 80% of your time doing 20% of the things that truly inspire you.

You are in your flow when you are feeling most inspired and that is where you are most productive.

Find a way to delegate all other tasks and stick to what you do best.

This suggests that you need to have a good understanding of who you are and what you are naturally gifted at, and use this to your advantage.

This will save you a lot of unnecessary struggle on your journey to business success. A tool that I recommend is the wealth dynamics test developed by Roger Hamilton.

By taking the test you will discover that there are different paths to business success and wealth creation and in order to succeed you need to choose the path that will allow you to be in your flow.

When you are in your flow you will be working on your business instead of working in it.

Action Step: Take the wealth dynamics test and discover your natural path to wealth creation.

Habit 8: Know Your Numbers And Metrics

Don’t just rely on your accountant or financial adviser to interpret your financial statements and investment figures.

This is not to say that you need to have a degree in accounting or financial planning but you at least need to have a working understanding of the numbers and metrics that are relevant to your business.

You need to specifically become an expert in understanding and managing your cash flow.

Failure to do this will be disastrous to your business, especially in the beginning.

You can delegate the management of cash flow once you have a good enough system in place to manage it.

Action Step: Take a basic course in accounting and learn the metrics that are relevant to your business such as google analytics if you have your own blog or website

Habit 9: Strive For A Harmonious Life

In your quest for business success you need to keep a harmonious flow with all the other parts of your life.

Don’t seek for balance. Balance suggests a state of equilibrium where there is stagnation and no flow.

You need to seek for harmony.

You will never be able to spend equal amounts of time working on all the areas of your life such as your family, vocation, spirituality, finances, health, social life etc.

There will be times in your life when you will need to spend a lot more time with your family because of certain circumstances that may arise in your life.

At such times you may need to reduce the time you spend pursuing business interests in order to maintain harmony in your family.

At other times your health might require more attention at which point you may need to reduce the time you spend in other areas of your life before you drop dead.

One of the best ways to maintain harmony in your life is to strive to be present.

Being present means being focused on the task at hand. Don’t entertain business calls during family time, the call can wait.

When you are with your family, be fully present with your family.

Your pursuit to business success needs to complement and not suppress or stifle the other areas of your life so that you are able to live a richer, fuller and abundant life that is in harmony.

Action Step: Set some boundaries or ground rules to help you restore and/or maintain a state of harmony in your life.

Have a set time for your family, socializing, exercising etc…

If you’d like to learn how to build a business online that allows you the flexibility to work at your own terms then take a look at my #1 recommended product.

Zola Ngqisha


  1. Hello Zola, what an amazing thoughtful inspiring post. Because mastermind does not mean just for your business. It is also a way to be in life. And I am so grateful to be a part of a mastermind group also in Wealthy Affiliate and it has changed my life. Great article and thanks so much! ariel

    • You are absolutely correct Ariel. We are multi dimensional beings and we could benefit by associating with people who have mastered different aspects of life. One my be a master of finance but be poor in matters of relationships. Like you I’m grateful to be part of a mastermind group.

  2. Hello Zola,
    I want to say right off the bat – the line that resonated with me most was this one – don’t seek balance, seek harmony!
    This is such a beautiful thought. We get so caught up in the ‘balancing act’ that before we know it, it is ‘stress city’ here we come!
    Of course, there are quite a few other great points in your article. I love the idea of a mastermind group and I love Napoleon Hill. The journey to greatness is achievable as long as you ‘set yourself’ up to do so. Your tips are surely a great start. Thanks so much for sharing.

    • Hi Michelle. I’m glad that you were able to connect with the content. As I mature in life I’ve also realize the significance of seeking harmony. Harmony really requires a level of maturity that allows you be truly present in all of life’s experiences. In that state we begin to view our life’s experiences as part of an exciting journey to become like our creator. At least that’s how I see it.

  3. Dear Zola,
    Thanks for the part-2 really helpful.
    I liked the quote Napoleon Hill states, “we can create success for ourselves and anyone can do it through the power of the mastermind.”
    That was a great idea. For sure by doing so we will stay motivated. Much Success..
    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul. Thanks for stopping by and commenting. I’m glad that you found something within this post that resonates with you and that you can use to improve your business.

  4. Zola,
    They are all great habits. I like when you said, “You are in your flow when you are feeling most inspired and that is where you are most productive”. I know that when I am inspired, I am much more productive. What a great statement with a lot of meaning.

    • Hi Lisa. Indeed working in our flow makes work fun and enjoyable rather than a chore. That is why we are so much more productive and effective when working in our flow.

  5. I joined a mastermind group. They help me with a lot. I often ask for feedback or ideas when I need them. So far in the group, I have reached farther than I expected for the length of time I have been in the group. We are all hoping to see results of our collaborative efforts soon.

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