What Is The Wealthy Affiliate For or About

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This review is based on my personal experience of the wealthy affiliate program and answers the questions, “what is the wealthy Affiliate for or about?”, “Can the wealthy affiliate program teach you how to build an online business for free?”

This will give you enough information to make an informed decision whether the wealthy affiliate program can help you to learn how to build your own business online especially if you’re new to online marketing.

Like many people who are looking for an honest reliable way to make money online you may have come across the wealthy affiliate program and other types of programs like it.

You may be looking for credible information that can help you make a decision whether the wealthy affiliate program is the correct choice for you to start building your online business successfully.

You may have asked yourself, “what is the wealthy affiliate for or about?” In here, you’ll find out all the information you need about the wealth affiliate program.

Quick Glance

Name: Wealthy Affiliate
login page: www.wealthyaffiliate.com
Creation date: 2005
Niche: Internet Marketing
Price: Free and $49 per month for Premium Membership
Skill level: Beginner to Advanced
My Overall Rank: 9,9/10
My Verdict: Legit

Who Is The Wealthy Affiliate For?

The wealthy affiliate program is not for those who are looking for a silver bullet, magic tricks and get rich quick schemes to making money online. It is a platform for those who are willing to learn how to build money making businesses for themselves over the internet.

The key requirement therefore is a willingness to learn and a commitment to follow through on all the training material which is really simple and effective.

The wealthy affiliate program is a place where you can find up to date information, tools and resources necessary to build a sustainable online business that can pay you a consistent income.

I was about to spend $1800 on a done for you site service when I came across the wealthy affiliate program and how grateful I am that I did.

I decided to give the wealthy affiliate program a try as I had nothing to lose because I could join as a free member without the need to take out my credit card details and test most of the tools, features and resources before the need to upgrade to the paid premium membership.

I must say I was pleasantly surprised when I joined the wealthy affiliate online community.

I was immediately able to connect with other online marketers and got encouragement from them from day 1. The whole environment just seemed different, open and genuine compared to the many expensive courses and membership sites I’ve joined before.

Therefore the wealthy affiliate program is particularly ideal if you are new to online marketing, want to learn how to build a money making online business or are making money online or have an existing online business but are just not sure how to take your online business to the next level.



Wealthy Affiliate Dashboard


What struck me was the quality, simplicity and the depth of the training material which contain easy to follow videos and written text with screen shots of what to do as you can see above.

I realized that within a few days I was learning the same skills through the wealthy affiliate program, that will enable me to build a profitable online business myself.

I was grateful that I had saved myself $1800 as these are the same skills that the done for you service uses to build sites for their clients. In contrast to that, the wealthy affiliate cost is unbelievably affordable.

I also realized that if I’m going to spend money hiring people to build my online business I ought to have an in depth knowledge of the processes, systems, strategies, tools and techniques they use otherwise it will be easy for me to be scammed.

That’s what is the wealthy affiliate for or about. The wealthy affiliate program offered me within the 1st few days of being in the free membership more than all the courses I’ve spends thousands on.

Having gone through many courses, webinars, books, membership sites etc, etc… that claim to teach you how to make money online I could immediately tell the difference as the tools and community at the wealthy affiliate program facilitate the process of developing the key skill sets required to succeed online.

I must reiterate that if you’re not willing to spend the time to learn and apply the simple yet effectively powerful training available on the wealthy affiliate program, then the wealthy affiliate program is not for you.

What Is The Wealthy Affiliate For or About?

To my experience and understanding the wealthy affiliate program is an online business learning community. The wealthy affiliate program connects those who want to build and grow an online business and allows new and experienced marketer to interact in an organized and highly productive platform.

Within the wealthy affiliate program you will find all you need to start or grow an online business whether you’re a complete novice (newbie) to the internet marketing world or an experienced online marketer.

When I mean all you need, I mean all you need.

From how to find a profitable niche and the actual tools to do the keyword research, to how to build your website with all the tools and guidance to do that including hosting and domain name in a step by step process that takes the hassles and all the anxiety out of it as shown by the screenshot below.


wealthy affiliate guide


The main downside for me, if I can call it that, is the sheer volume of information on just about every topic related to internet marketing.

One needs to therefore be disciplined to focus on the tasks that need to be accomplished and not get side tracked by other discussions that may be going on.

Is Wealthy Affiliate Worth It?

Well take a look at all the features below. You will see that even as a free member you can start using the wealthy affiliate program to create your own business online at absolutely no cost to you.

As you can see as a free member you have access to some powerful features such as the Keyword Research Tool even though you are limited to 30 searches.

You will have access to 2 free websites that are hosted on a free domain. You also get access to some training including phase 1 of the affiliate boot camp training which is designed for those who struggle to come up with their own niche.

All this is enough to get you started and even earning some money on your sites but the main purpose of the wealthy affiliate program’s free membership is for you to learn and the money will follow as a consequence of you applying and following through on the training.

I would encourage you to take the 1st 7 days to check out the wealthy affiliate program, connect with others, ask questions and just follow the getting started guide which is quite awesome as it has a smart button that saves where you last ended so that when you come back to the guide you continue where you left off.


How Much Money Can You Make With Wealthy Affiliate?

You will learn to make money online by finding your own profitable niche and then build a money making website around that niche.

The amount of money you can make with the wealthy affiliate program depends on the amount of time and effort you are willing to put in to learn apply the knowledge you gain by going through the training.

The process of helping you find a profitable niche is fully explained in the training and all the research tools are provided and this is arguably the most important part of building a successful online business.

You will then learn to monetize your website with affiliate offers, adsense advertising, list building, amazon products or your own products.

If you struggle to find your own profitable niche, you can take part in the affiliate boot camp training which will teach you step by step how to set up a profitable affiliate review site.

You will make money by writing honest, comprehensive and engaging reviews that will help your audience make informed decisions about particular products or services.

All the tools you need to write engaging content are available and thoroughly explained in the training. The basic process of making money online is a simple 4 step process and is illustrated by the diagram below:


making money online


Step 1: Choose a profitable niche. This can be about absolutely anything from your hobbies, passions, your profession or anything that is of interest to you. There are over 3 billion internet users who are constantly searching for information online so there is no shortage of profitable niches.

Step 2: Build a website. Your website will be what connects your audience to relevant content that they are looking for and the foundation to your online success. At wealthy affiliate you will find the most advanced website building, content creation and hosting platform that is rich with features.

Step 3: Attract visitors otherwise known as traffic. The training is going to teach you about all the effective methods to get traffic especially FREE traffic.

Step 4: Earn Revenue. Once people are on your site you will learn a number of ways to monetize your site and generate consistent revenue.

As you go through the training each step is covered in details and as I mentioned earlier you will find everything, and I mean everything you need to build or grow a profitable online business.

Pros and Cons


– Organized in depth training material

– Helpful online community

– Owners who are engaged in their business and eager to see you succeed

– Simple yet advanced website building platform that is rich with features

– Step by step guide with smart buttons that save where you left off

– Option to start as a FREE member

– Amazing content creation tool that makes writing you own content a breeze

– Advanced keyword research tool

– Affiliate boot camp training for those who struggle to find a profitable niche

– Affordable monthly membership if you upgrade to premium

– Ability to host you own domains if you’re a premium member

– Ability to host multiple sites especially if you’re a premium member


– Sometimes too much activity going on in the site but you can manage that

– Lots of information so you must focus on the lessons on the guide


Hopefully at this stage I’ve given you enough information to understand what is the wealthy affiliate for or about in order to make an informed decision whether the wealthy affiliate program will help you to learn how create your own business online.

If you’re still unsure or have further questions please feel free to post a comment on the comments section and I’ll do my best to give you an answer within 24 hours.

You’ll never know what you’re missing until you take action and join this amazing community of online entrepreneurs called the wealthy affiliate.

If you join as a free member there is obviously no cost to you. All I ask if you do join is that you set up your profile, upload a picture of yourself and start your training. You’ll immediately be recognized as an action taker and receive a lot of support from the members.

I’ll be there to personally welcome and guide you on the inside.

If you are a fast starter and want results quickly then join as a premium member and you will receive a bonus of 59% discount on your 1st month’s membership which means you’ll pay only $19 for your 1st month and thereafter $49 per month. This offer is valid for 7 days after joining the wealthy affiliate program as a free member.

==>The wealthy affiliate program receives my recommendation as a legitimate service to online entrepreneurs. Take advantage of this incredible resource and join the wealthy affiliate program today.


Wealthy Affiliate

$0 & $49pm
Wealthy Affiliate


9.8 /10


9.9 /10

Newbie Friendly

9.9 /10


9.9 /10

Access to Experts

9.9 /10


  • Organized in depth training material
  • Helpful online community
  • Advanced keyword research tool
  • Step by step guide with smart buttons that save where you left off
  • Option to start as a FREE member


  • Sometimes too much activity going on in the site
  • Lots of information so you must focus on the lessons on the guide

Zola Ngqisha


  1. This is very inspiring! It is so true that the community at Wealthy Affiliate is so helpful! I am so happy that I found this company. For years I wanted to be creative but just didn’t know how to start. Since joining, my creative juices are flowing. Thank you for this summary of the program, as it explains so much of the benefits. I am going to send it to my cousin to check it out. Good luck to you Zola

    • I’m glad that wealthy affiliate has helped you with your creativity. It is indeed an amazing platform filled with people who are eager to see each other succeed online. Thanks for your willingness to share this review with you cousin. I wish you all the success with your online business.

  2. Thank you for your brilliant review.
    It is helpful for people who would like to work on the affiliate program.

  3. Hi Zola,

    thanks for your honest review of Wealthy Affiliate. I have been a member to WA for almost 2 months and everything you say here in this review is so true. There is so much information and such good training that this is definitely not a waste of money, but a good investment if you are looking to make some money online and are new to it.

    I can even see that even if you are not new to affiliate marketing, you will benefit from this as well. You cannot go wrong with going premium.

    Wish you luck and success,

    • Thanks for your comment Oscar. I’m glad you’re finding good value in this wonderful platform called wealthy affiliate.

  4. Very well put together review of the WA program and all that it entails. As a member myself, I totally endorse this post.

  5. Good review, Zola. I found I started as a free member, and took the plunge to Premium within two days. The training is incredible…step by step. WA does not make fake promises of a get-rich-quick scheme. It gives great training, balanced with assignments for action that ensure you start to get your website built. I completely agree with Zola on this!

    • Thanks for the comment Annie. Your observation is very important to note that WA is not some get-rich-quick-scheme. It had empowered us with the knowledge, tools, skills and most importantly access to a diverse community with invaluable intellectual resources to help us succeed online.

  6. Good review. You really nailed how great WA is. I am a member, and love the quality of the training and balance of calls to action to put it into practice!

    • Hi Annie. Thanks for taking the time to read this post and for commenting. I think if I did not find WA at the time I did I would have lost money to some shiny object. I would have lost out on the effective training, but more especially the amazing community that is so helpful and an indispensable part of building a successful online business.

  7. Hello Zola, I really enjoyed reading this article. And as a member of WA, I can attest to the amazing training and community it provides. This is a truly great way to get your business poised for success.And for me it is so very creative, I get to write every day and get feedback. Great article. In peace and gratitude, ariel

    • Hi Ariel. Indeed the wealthy affiliate platform is an amazing resource for online entrepreneurs. The best place to learn how to build a thriving online business.

  8. Dear Zola,

    Thanks for the detailed information on Wealthy Affiliate.

    I am member of Wealthy Affiliate I do agree with you its one of the genuine and best program I came across in my 9+ years of online experience. I am learning and earning because of Wealthy Affiliate.

    I was very Skeptic in the beginning once I got into the program I really felt very bad for not joining as soon as I came across this program because I taken really one year to think about whether to join or not. So in my own experience Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn about making money online.

    Your Friend,

    • Hi Paul. Thanks for taking the time to read my review and for your comments. I totally agree with you that Wealthy Affiliate is the best platform to learn about making money online. “Learn” is the operative word here.

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